About us

About us

We have been on the market since 2005. We specialize in production of complex software for clients worldwide.

So far we have completed lots of interesting and important projects. We have cooperated with Polish companies as well as companies from other countries. We have successfully delivered our solutions to customers in Poland, Norway, Sweden the UK and the USA. The receivers are not only companies but also units of local government or national government units (in Poland and Norway). We cooperate with outstanding customers. We started with Norwegian companies, such as Open Framework Systems and Ipera, later on we worked for Polish partners – Amazis and LGBS (currently Euvic). For 3 years our main partner has been a British/American company SmartStream. They play one of the most important parts in banking sector software.

During implementation of our various projects we cooperated with lots of international companies and organizations. Intel, IBM, Microsoft, Mandriva/Mandrake, OASIS-OPEN, OpenDocSociety and Orange (former Telekomunikacja Polska) are worth mentioning.

We have participated in prestigious international conferences and meetings. With seven other companies we took part in ISO standardization tests of ODF format during the OASIS conference in Budapest in 2010.

In 2011 in Cairo Mandriva and we introduced opportunities of Intel ClassMate computers using our own software. We have taken active part in ODFPlugfest conferences in Amsterdam, Brussels and Copenhagen.

For a few years we have cooperated with SmartStream. We produce banking sector software. The receivers of the software are the most significant banks in the world.

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